Exporter of the Year

Two companies, one set of owners. Established in 2008 as the simulator arm of CSE Software Inc., Simformotion holds the license for Cat Simulators for Caterpillar, in addition to developing simulators for other manufacturers. Each simulator is custom-developed based on an actual machine. CSE develops the software; Simformotion designs and engineers the hardware and wiring, then assembles and ships the simulators around the world. The client is a part of each phase throughout the process.

Both programmers and hardware engineers work with subject-matter experts to make sure each training exercise uses the same techniques found on real-world jobsites. The hardware is designed using original equipment manufacturer controls, ensuring that end users train on the same controls used in the actual machine, making the transition from simulator to real machine seamless. A motion base gives the user a realistic experience of movements while the simulated machine is running.

Any machine, device or tool can be simulated—with or without a VR (virtual reality) headset. Training in a virtual environment helps companies improve safety, minimize liability, lower costs and increase productivity. Whether simulation, VR or another new technology, Simformotion conducts the necessary R&D to develop training that fits its customers’ needs.

Simformotion is committed to growing sales of its simulators and finding new business opportunities for simulator development. Its sales team has relationships with businesses around the world and has demonstrated best practices in export development, including significant in-country travel to develop business, participate in trade shows and build different sales channels. The company has hired international representatives in Africa and Australia, and is exploring new opportunities in India and the United Arab Emirates.

Simformotion began working with the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship more than a decade ago, utilizing its Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and the SBDC International Trade Center (ITC)—and twice participating in Bradley University’s International Senior Consulting Project. The Turner Center has assisted Simformotion with services including product classification, duties and valuation to obtain the benefits associated with international trade agreements. Through the Turner Center, Simformotion has attributed an additional $12.5 million in export sales, contributing to more than 70 area jobs. simformotion.com PM