2019 Local Legends

Each year, Peoria Magazine honors a number of remarkable individuals who have spent their lives making a positive impact on their community.

They are the entrepreneurial developer, whose building projects forever redefined the Peoria landscape; the humble but driven neurosurgeon, an ambitious force behind the city’s world-class medical district; the honorable judge, who persevered against all odds rising to one of the judiciary’s most prominent positions; and a dynamic power couple, whose business, community and philanthropic leadership in central Illinois are second to none. 

Their legacies are legendary, their impact profound. By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire and encourage the rest of us… who are living out our own legacies, each and every day. They are our Local Legends, and we salute them. 

G. Raymond Becker 
Builder of Modern Peoria

As president and CEO of The Becker Companies, he’s built homes, condos, hotels, warehouses, churches, schools, prisons, office buildings, shopping centers, nursing homes…

Dr. Patrick Elwood
The Modest Neurosurgeon

Since returning to his hometown as a practicing neurosurgeon, Dr. Elwood has been pivotal in defining Peoria as a treatment center for neurological disease and disorders.

Hon. Joe Billy McDade
The Principled Judge
In addition to nearly four decades of judiciary experience, Judge McDade’s life has been marked by an enduring commitment to civil rights and education.

Doug & Diane Oberhelman
The Ultimate Power Couple
Having traveled the world meeting executives and heads of state, they remain firmly committed to central Illinois, where their leadership is second to none.